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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Whenever it will be, Where will the NHL and NBA facility be in Cincinnati ??? And MLS?

The Cincinnati Gardens hosted the Royals.  Riverfront Coliseum hosted the Stingers.

I like the location of the "old" Forest Fair Mall Cincinnati Mills (Metropolis, Bass Pro, Biggs).

I was in lust with the Ross/Tennessee Avenue location where the cinemas were, but it's going to be a complex for the Catholic Health Network or some such.  As a central location still, the Gardens could be majorly revamped.

For MLS, I would think northern Cinci area anywhere from Butler County to Mason.  Thoughts of the west side are interesting.

wikipedia Cincinnati Stingers rundown -click-
Cincinnati Royals wikipedia rundown -click-

Location of mall area in Forest Park and Fairfield.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What I would do for Cincinnati as entertainment dictator

I would revamp Riverfront Coliseum (the Crown, whatever) and Cincinnati Gardens.  I'd build the olympic stadium west of PBS.  It may eventually replace PBS and become the next palace of whodeyville.  PBS could serve as a public school high school football site.

The Garden would become a place for Cincinnati NHL hockey.  Or, I think the NBA.
And a hockey rink would be built at the former Cincinnati Mills/Forest Fair Mall.

MLS would have a new home built.  But where?  Maybe somewhere hunkered in the west side.

I would obviously have to bolster our Summer Olympic bid.

I would utilize the old underway and never used subway system as an underground entertainment and market district going from downtown, through the stretches of university heights to Norwood.

This could be a nationally unique destination in Underground Cincinnati from the college neighborhood to downtown.

Forest Fair, Cincinnati Mills location

That which never was is now a casino

At the bottom of Mt. Adams and the northeast corner of downtown Cinci

Crosley site pics (Redland Field, Palace of the Fans)

Redland Field, Palace of the Fans (link)

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Stadiums of Pro Cincinnati

Palace of the Fans
      What was before that?
Crosley Field
Riverfront Stadium
Great American Ball Park

Cincinnati Gardens
Riverfront Coliseum

The beauty of Nippert
The Shoe

Those of Reds baseball